Our Hemp

Practical Information About Our Fabric

Faults in our fabric
On a full roll, it is indeed likely you will encounter some minor faults (a hole, a broken yarn, a crease, a mark). These imperfections are considered acceptable due to the nature of the fabrics and do not prevent you from using the fabric by working around the imperfection when cutting out your patterns. If however, you feel that there are excessive holes in your role, please inform us (with photos if possible). Please note that certain fabrics are more prone to imperfections such as knitted velvet or ribbing. If you purchase 'greige' or unbleached fabrics, please bear in mind that these are sold straight off the loom. They undergo no quality control and are simply folded and put into a bag. They are therefore less presentable and not recommended for retail purposes.

Why our fabrics shrink

In the textile industry, garments are steam shrunk piece by piece as this guarantees the best results. Pre-shrinking whole rolls of fabric is not an easy thing to do. The majority of our fabrics are sold 'natural' or 'half-bleach' meaning they have been washed with a light oxygen bleach and have undergone no further treatment. We therefore indicate the expected shrinkage.

Pre washing our fabrics

It is advisable to pre-shrink your fabrics before confection. This can be achieved simply by pre-washing the fabric on hot and subsequently tumble drying it on hot. The final amount of shrinkage depends on several factors, such as the amount of fabric washed and dried at once. Smaller pieces tend to shrink more. Commercial dryers reach higher temperatures and will thus cause the fabric to shrink more.

The shrinkage indicated for each fabric type is therefore only indicative.

We are constantly on the lookout for ways to achieve better shrinkage results. Several fabrics are indicated as having shrinkage levels less than 5%. These fabrics can be used straight away provided you take into account the minimal shrinkage to be expected in your pattern. We advise that you run a few tests and that any fabrics with shrinkage over 5% are pre-shrunk first. Please note we cannot accept fabric once it has been altered in any way, and this includes preshrinking the fabric.