Case Studies

Whilst trading as Hemp Fabric UK we have had the great pleasure of meeting some very clever people who have used our fabrics in inspirational ways.

With there kind permission we have been able to list some of their work here in order to give you some ideas how you could use our fabric. We also hope that this will promote the excellent work they are all doing to bring hemp textiles to life.

Clothing Designers

  • Llynfi is run by Emily James and she produces various craft and clothing items from hemp and other organic materials and is also a Soil Association certified company for dying purposes.
    Contact: for more details or call 07773036436
  • Sidekick Clothing - is run by Lorraine Campbell and is based in Cornwall where she creates and prints some unique and vintage looking pieces using hemp, tweed and vintage textiles.
    Contact : or call 07772638580
  • Zachary Angelina creates some of the most spectacular christening and baby wear I have seen being made from hemp. Her shop in Athens is a stylish parents dream. Contact - or call 0030 210 6831769 for more information.

Soft Furnishing Designers

  • Hartlands Organic Furnishings  Lisa and her team bring together manufacturers of the finest organic textiles with their own expertise in the furnishings and upholstery profession in order to create for you a wide range of sustainable home furnishings. Contact: 07944 738877

Bag Designer

  • The Muddy Dogs Company – a designer of stylish and sustainable bags including a new range in Hemp bags. Select your fabric from us and have Beverley create you a unique piece. Contact- for further details.

Home Crafters and Students – We get a lot of customers coming forward wanting to use the fabrics for their own crafts. I would particually like to mention:-

  • Deborah Hastings – who recycles our scrap fabrics to make her fantastic rag rugging work. See for more details or call (01769) 560515
  • Rosie Wiscombe – This lady makes bags for fun and has also been a bag supplier to the people at River Cottage for the last few years using our organic cotton canvas and her lovely embroidery work. 

Promising Student Fashion Designers

  • Ash Ashokji – A brilliant designer of male clothing from our hemp fabrics. See here for images of his work.
    Contact: - for more details, a talent not to miss.
  • Amy Manning - a talented new clothing designer. We wish you all the best.


We also supply fabrics to many larger organisations and have had the great pleasure this year of adding The National Theatres and The National Opera House as well as a growing number of film companies to our trade customer list.

Project Work
Hemp Fabric UK has contributed to various projects since we started in 2006. Here is a list of just a few of them

Eco Stream – Eco friendly Caravan Project - the cushions, curtains and chair covers you see on the film are all made with our hemp fabrics as is the pelmet.

Love in the Skys – Artist project look out for some giant hemp wings.

Big Green Bus – Brigit Strawbridge
Contact: mobile 07974 809135. Hemp was used for the seat covering at the back of the bus as well as some other areas. We have also given fabric samples and information to help increase peoples knowledge of hemp.

Hemp In a Museum – Our hemp fabrics and hemp fibre and yarn samples will be on display in the Haslemere Museum in Surrey during December 2009.